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Sun Valley Elkhorn Association is a residential community situated in Sun Valley, Idaho. This community offers unique access to nature and an array of amenities, including pools, racquet sports facilities and community clubhouse. The community is known for its scenic landscapes, friendly atmosphere, and proximity to many events hosted throughout the Sun Valley and Wood River areas.

Sun Valley Elkhorn Association By-the-Numbers

  • Total Annual revenue: $3.13M
  • Annual assessments: $1.12M
  • Current employees: 4
  • 1,642 homeowners
  • Nine (9) Board members turning annually on 3-year terms
  • Eight (8) pickleball courts and 13 tennis courts
  • Two (2) outdoor swimming pools inclusive of outdoor hot tubs, dry saunas and includes a steam room at one location
  • Clubhouse
  • Access and discounts to 18 holes of the Elkhorn Golf Course
  • Conference rooms
  • Variety of community social events

Position Summary

The General Manager at SVEA will need to be an approachable, visible, hands-on, and accessible leader to the Board of Directors, members, and staff. The GM will guide all operations with a focus on delivering exceptional services in support of the priorities established by the Board of Directors. The GM will report to the president and coordinate with the Board of Directors and committee chairs. The GM has responsibility for all day-to-day operations of SVEA, including coordination of staffing, amenities, all HOA related duties and activities across all programs to ensure consistent service delivery. The GM must have outstanding financial, budgeting, capital improvements, strategic and long-range planning acumen, and a proven record of strong operational management including human resource experience. This position requires a high degree of grace, visibility, and a strong focus on service, which is critical for all team members to emulate. The GM should sincerely engage with all Members. The role of GM requires a strong embrace of the SVEA values and the enjoyment of the highly desirable Elkhorn community.

Essential Qualities

  • Proven leadership and a calming, professional presence
  • Clear, concise, and respectful communication style with residents, Board, and community members
  • Diverse business, governance and human capital backgrounds and skills
  • Hyper-responsiveness in addressing issues and appropriate delegation to staff
  • Industry involvement leveraging best practices to increase HOA efficiency

Responsibilities and Measures of Success 

Objective:  Ensure that all SVEA ongoing financial, staffing, and operational activities display fiscal and operational integrity, and meet the stated service objectives of the SVEA Board of Directors.

§  A highly qualified, stable, and promotable staff is hired and retained to meet all SVEA service and operational requirements.

®    Staffing requirements are clear. Specific functions are documented in Position Plans and clearly spell out responsibilities and measures.

®    Key SVEA positions are filled in a timely manner with qualified candidates, resulting in no service disruption for our members. New members of the team receive appropriate coaching to become highly functioning members of the staff as quickly as possible.

®    Performance feedback is documented, consistent, and timely. Employees have formal written evaluations at least annually, including progress on achievement of prior year goals as well as specific goals for the coming year.

®    Specific progress against written goals is submitted to the Board in preparation for the Manager’s annual review. This information will be the basis for the performance evaluation.

®    Staff members show growth in responsibility, contribution, and promotability from year to year. New responsibilities are reflected in updates to position plans.

®    Salary recommendations are supported with relevant and updated salary survey data from comparable outside companies.

®    Staff has appropriate access to technology, tools, and training to meet specific position responsibilities and SVEA objectives.

®    When promotional opportunities are available, we identify a qualified candidate to fill the position, ideally someone from within.

§  Operational processes are constantly monitored to ensure they are meeting objectives; necessary steps are taken (either by taking direct action or reporting to the appropriate person that action or monitoring is needed) for all situations that do not meet objectives. 

§  All financial operations of SVEA meet high standards of integrity and fiscal prudence.

®    All cash flow operations (collections and expenditures) are done in a correct, timely, comprehensive, and fiscally responsible manner.

®    A draft annual budget is ready for Finance Committee and Board of Directors’ review at the fall meeting. Annual spending is within plan. Monthly reports showing spending relative to budget are published with analysis of significant deviations from plan.

®    An annual audit of financial operations is accomplished through a third party; results show appropriate financial controls are in place.

®    Necessary and adequate insurance coverage is in force at all times.

Objective:  Facilitate Success of SVEA Board of Directors in achieving their mission.

§  The SVEA Board of Directors is kept informed in a timely manner of all matters of consequence affecting any aspect of Elkhorn or its operations. Articles of interest in local newspaper and other sources are routinely filtered in a timely manner to appropriate BOD members to help in their decision making.

§  New board members receive a standard membership package that includes a synopsis of key issues facing the board, prior year BOD meeting results, the Master Declaration, a listing of current BOD members and contact information, current SVEA staffing profiles, position plans, operational and capital budgets, and balance sheets.

§  Provide advice and direction to board regarding operation and governance.

§  Planning of BOD meetings and meeting follow-up facilitates appropriate and timely action from committee members and staff.

®    SVEA meetings are scheduled in a timely manner. Communication regarding meeting timing and logistics is timely, clear, and easily accessible.

®    Agenda and supporting documentation are published at least one week prior to the meeting. This requirement is waived for ad hoc meetings with less than two weeks preparation time.

®    Meeting minutes are published within five (5) business days of meeting, and clearly represent the key issues, decisions, and action items agreed upon. Action Items have a documented owner, deliverable, and due date. Updates to the BOD are scheduled on the next agenda or when appropriate.

®    Action items are monitored with timely reminders to owners regarding due dates and deliverables. Expectations are reset regarding deliverables and due date if necessary.

§  Committee structure, responsibilities, leadership, and goals are documented and easily accessible.

§  Participation in long-range planning brings significant insight regarding Elkhorn and SVEA physical, political, public relations, operational, and owner needs, rights, and goals. Plans are documented, and follow-up is timely and appropriate (as detailed in the above BOD meeting measures).

Objective:  SVEA legal requirements and contractual obligations are fully satisfied.

§  Understand in detail and continually review SVEA governing documents (Personnel Policy Guidelines, Master Declaration, Sub-declarations, ADC Manual, Elkhorn Rules, Board Resolutions, etc.) to be certain implementation is uniform and complete and to suggest changes when such becomes necessary from an operational or practical standpoint.

§  Ensure that for the Annual Meeting sufficient proxies are obtained to conduct all proposed and necessary business.

§  Promote and enhance owner participation in meetings and elections through progressive communication methods and technologies.

§  Participate in all SVEA contracts and contracting processes to ensure goals, timing, and budget requirements are met.

§  Assist in owner dispute resolution in all forms (owner v. owner, owner v. SVEA, owner v. sub-association, owner v. staff, etc.)

§  Understand function of and use SVEA legal counsel in necessary and appropriate fashion.

§  Understand the history of OR-1 zoned land owned by SVEA. Monitor and bring to the Board’s attention any action proposed by the City of Sun Valley or the Planning and Zoning Commission to rezone any existing OR-1 property to Open Space (OS). (Added 2018)

Objective:  Ensure appropriate communication to all SVEA stakeholders.

§  Communication vehicles and appropriate content generation mechanisms are in place and achieve desired results.

®    “Push” communication vehicles to stakeholders – i.e., newsletters, homeowner contact lists -- are available to distribute SVEA news/issues to key stakeholders – individual homeowners, the SVEA community, sub-associations, local government, and staff. Publication meets established timelines and goals.

®    “Pull” (stakeholder initiated information requests) communication vehicles – i.e., website, SVEA phone lists -- are easily accessible and well-communicated to our constituency. Feedback indicates content is relevant, clear, and timely. Updates meet established timelines and goals.

®    Data collection regarding contact information for SVEA stakeholders is timely, useful, accurate and updated at least annually.

®    Relevant content for both push and pull vehicles are actively solicited from Committee chairs, staff, sub-associations, and other key members of the community.

®    Feedback from stakeholders indicates the content was relevant and easily accessible.

®    The communication plan is updated at least annually, including an objective assessment of the success of the prior year communication activities.

§  SVEA homeowner meetings (Annual Meeting, Summer Membership Meeting and Barbeque) are well-communicated and well-coordinated. Attendee feedback indicates it was an effective use of their time.  Attendance grows year to year.

§  Interactions between the SVEA manager and SVEA constituencies reflect positively on the SVEA association. The manager is seen very positively as the “face of SVEA” to the SVEA community.

§  Public relations opportunities throughout the community are handled in a positive manner. This includes Manager’s personal interaction with both the relevant government bodies as well as SVEA membership, attending public meetings held by City of Sun Valley, Sun Valley Company, etc.

Objective:  Complete special projects as assigned by Board of Directors.

§  Actively participate in suggesting appropriate, high-impact projects to further the mission of SVEA. Projects are accepted with enthusiasm.

§  Actively work with the BOD to determine specific plans and goals.

§  Perform project management duties or proactively assign and manage project managers as needed.

§  Project results meet established goals and timelines.


  • Competitive compensation/salary and eligible for annual performance commensurate with experience
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Paid time off/Holiday time off


  •        Knowledge of Property Owner’s Association rules and regulations.
  •        Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field.
  •        5+ years of HOA industry experience including proven operational and financial experience with large-scale association.
  •        A friendly and outgoing personality with effective communication skills and high visibility.
  •        Impeccable and verifiable references; all candidates will be subject to a thorough background check.
Job ID: 72489077
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